Minimum order fees


i just recently shifted to CS-Cart from Oscommerce and apart from my SEO etc. i am loving the experience.

As the title suggest, i need to set a minimum order fees. Say someone places an order below 1000, i need to charge him say 100 for shipping. I tried various options but it just doesnt work. Can someone please guide me how to charge a minimum order fees so that when a customer places an order below 999 he will automatically be charged that amount?

You can add the extra charge in Shipping methods under Shipping charges.

[quote name=‘The Tool’]You can add the extra charge in Shipping methods under Shipping charges.[/QUOTE]

How exactly? Im a total Noob …:-/ Do i have to add a new cost dependency? If yes then how do i define that i want my customers to pay say 100 when they place an order of 1000 or low?

Like this:


Shipping-taxes – Shipping methods - Administration panel_1302853725891.png

I tried this.

Problem is its still enabling to checkout on orders below rs.1000 and not charging rs.100 as order fees. There is a free shipping method enabled in the checkout process. I tried disabling it by unchecking “disable shipping” in the settings tab but that resulted in the error saying “We don’t have shipping options for your location…” error. I tried using Knowledge base but i don’t have localizations or locations setup in my panel as yet. Can you guide me what do do please?

Nevermind. I followed the knowledge base instructions and was able to do it.

Thanks a lot for your help though. Appreciate it…:slight_smile: