Minimum image width for products -- how to change?

This is a Cs-Cart Pro 2.1.2 question.

I have thumbnails of narrow products, such as posts, screws, etc. If I upload a narrow image (say 10px wide) for a detail or thumbnail, when the image is used the Cs-Cart will blow it up bigger, so that the displayed width is 120px. This is ugly and wasteful of screen real estate.

I looked into the Thumbnails configuration, and there are a lot of width settings for 120px, which is the preferred minimum width displayed. Even if I set all of these to 0, or to blank, the images are still blown up to 120px.

I know I can just pad the images to the desired width, but that takes time for my many images. Can Cs-Cart be convinced to use the narrow-width images without blowing them to a bigger size?