Military Models Site ::Under Costruction::

On Mark International, Inc.

This site is still under development, but should go online May 7th. I am finalizing the template work as we speak. Below, I have linked to a couple of mock-up images of what I hope to have when I’m finished.

This is my first CS-Cart project, and I plan to create a couple of mods and templates to share with the community when I get the time. CS-Cart seems like a good program but it has some glaring deficiencies. I would recommend that in the next release that the CS people take a long hard look at the organization of the Admin Control Panel. The interface is nice, but it’s poorly organized (example: shipping settings being spread out in different areas). I would also recommend finishing off many of the existing tools before adding new features. Like bulk editing, import/export, etc. All criticisms aside, it’s a good start.

[B]Categories: [URL=“”][/URL][/B]

I hope to have a sort feature at the top of each category page that will function much like the feature search in “Advanced Search”.

[B]Product Pages: [URL=“”][/URL][/B]

The product description, not visible in this image, will rest underneath the product image.

I would love to hear your feedback

mhackl i like it a lot the way you designed it and structured it… i think very clean.

one plus you could use is that i know somewhere in the forum there were multiple tab per product that you can use to show multiple angles to improve it even further.

the only thing i might put differently is put the manufacturer below the categories

at least my taughts about it. i would be interested to see the final cause i think you some nice idea flow going.

good luck.


Thank you!

I’ve been contemplating tabs, but I’m not sure how I would use them just yet. I placed the manufacturers drop down above the categories because the “sort by manufacturer” pages that the customer currently has are the most popular. I assume that this popularity would carry over to their CS site.

There are still many pieces that have yet to be figured out.


  • Random homepage content rotation (Different promotion featured each visit)
  • Automatic Skin Rotator (different color schemes of the same skin)
  • Sort Categories by Manufacturer
  • Sort/Filter Categories by Feature
  • Show Manufacturer on product page (Why is this not there already?)
  • PHPBB authentication integration
  • Single page checkout


  • Buttons
  • Design category structure
  • Create Dynamic Drop-Down menus.


  • Full product export/import (Full Cat list, features, options, etc.)
  • Single click Thumbnail regeneration
  • Bulk move of categories
  • Bulk edit of secondary categories
  • Fix bulk edit for features (bulk edit the individual features)
  • Fix CS-Carts reaction to the $0 value in shipping zone settings.

    Thank you for the input it’s greatly appreciated.