MIGS Payment Module

Hi guys,

I have done quite a bit of searching for a MIGS payment module for CS-CART but Google isn't turning up much and can't find anything with the CS-CART stamp of approval.

Anyone know of one that has been done? Seeing as it is used by a large number of banks worldwide, I find it interesting that one might not have been done. Of course all the banks rebadge their gateway as their own, as far as I understand it, they still all usethe same parameters (so that MIGS knows what is going on). Correct me if I am wrong.



Did you figure this out? I am just configuring my system now and I'm a bit shocked that it doesn't have MIGS as an option.


Im willing to develop this if you can find me the docs and will release it to our website once its done.

The amount of this addon will cost $75-$150 once it is done but I need to review the document first before I jump in.

What do you say?

I purchased a migs add-on from a nz company. It was $149. To be honest I haven't added it yet, but you can find it here: