Migration of Customer Info

We want to migrate our customer information (name, email, address, phone #, etc.) to our CS-Cart site from our old site (not a CS-Cart Site). We don’t want our customers to all have to create new accounts when they come to our new CS-Cart, we would rather them just try to log in, and then give them the choice to make a new password or something like that. Maybe even once we have imported all of their data, email them all with a link to put in a new password or something of the sort.

I don’t see a good way to do this in the CS-Cart backend. Is there a .CSV upload of customer data via the backend or add-on?

CS-Cart has the ability to import user information (Administration->Import data, choose the Users tab on the right-hand side). You will need to change the column headers in your exported file to match the CS-Cart field names.


wow, nice. i didn’t even see that users tab over there.

thanks. :mrgreen: