Migration gone bad.-need help

I had my CS Cart running on a shared hosting plan with GoDaddy. This week I was getting ready to add SSL to my site, but then realized it would not work with a shared account that has my domain aliased.

So I got a new hosting account and redirected the domain to that hosting account.

Then I coppied all the files from the old hosting account then moved it to the new site.

Now I get this …

```php Error: Cannot connect to the database server


File: /home/content/83/6129483/html/index.php

Line: 23

Function: require ```

The Database has stayed the same. so Im really not sure where to look.

Any direction ?

I think what has happend, Godaddy’s not letting me talk to the DB from another hosting account…

Looks like I have to manually backup then restore on new DB

Thanks for the info, that will help me too.


well… I had no luck, so I decided to create a data base then restore my old one…

Well Godaddy took its sweet little time… I started at 11pm… By 8am the new Database was still in “PENDING SETUP” .

So I decided to move away from GoDaddy and get a dedicated server from [url]Managed and Professional Hybrid Multi-Cloud Services - Aptum : Aptum

so far it seems ok, but honestly its slower than GoDaddy shared hosting.