Migration: Can't Log In &vcart Doesn't Store Items

We migrated to a new host and we have issues with the following (that we've found so far):

1. Cart contents don't stay in the cart

2. I can't login to the admin dashboard

I've attached logs if it helps

At first after migration we recommend to delete the var/cache directory manually. Usually this action solves most of issues

Hi all,

The PHP version on the new server was causing the issues.

After reading many forum posts, and even support documentation on cs-cart's website relating to these problems that can occur after migration, changing PHP version solved the problem.

I turned on debugging, and tried about 20 different solutions, but none of them did a thing. It wasn't until I read the documentation on PHP version which states it must be PHP 5.6 or 7, depending on version of cs-cart that I found the solution to not being able to log in and cart contents not being stored: https://docs.cs-cart.com/latest/install/possible_issues/cscart_working_strange.html

Sorry, it was that previous link that first prompted my thoughts about PHP version, but it was this link that proved to have the answer: https://docs.cs-cart.com/latest/install/system_requirements.html