Migrating - Specific Questions


here is what I know

1). Can I import out user database from Joomla/Virtuemart? We don’t save credit card information and I’d be fine with users having to reset their password.

You should be ok with this export/import - since you already mentioned not an issue with users resetting the passwords - because obviously the encryption wont be the same

2). How is ViaKlix support? I see that it’s incorporated, but want to make it actually works. I had to write the module for VM and it was a major pain.

No idea to be honest

3). This one is simple. Can I set it so that the main page is products, not category selection? We have a site and the shop is just a portion of it. All of the branding is carried out by the main site which is Flash-based. Also, can I incorporate a Flash (swf) navigation bar and disable a lot of the extraneous naviagtion items like “Home” etc. In fact, just replacing that entire top bar of stuff?

Yes to the products question - you can customize the skin to do this and

yes to the flash navigation versus html nav

4). Is a receipt/thank you email generated at checkout?

Yes auto emailed from backend via 3 types of mail options

5). How is Google Analytics support? Especially at the tail-end, ie tracking how many visitors go through to purchase? We are in the middle of a marketing push and we need to discover how many people who view the site (and they will all be given a discount for doing so) actually purchase. The site won’t initially be public and will be operating alongside out existing cart so we really need to analyze how people are using it.

I am happy with the features of google analytics - you should have no troubles at alll

good luck