Migrating from static website to cs cart

Our little company has operated a fairly successful “static” website for over 10 years (first using Front Page, now Web Expressions), and we’re seriously thinking of transitioning to cs cart. But, although we’re comfortable with site basics, html, css and so on, we have no database experience or training – and no real idea of what would be involved in moving site content over to the new software. Can it all be done “offline,” keeping our existing site going until the cs cart is ready to go? Would we be better off hiring technical help to walk us through the process? For what it’s worth, here’s a link to our existing site: www.buckwoodcraft.com

Thanks much in advance for any advice.

Moving everything over is time consuming and a lot of data entry.

You can build your CS-Cart site on a dev server , locked down so you can build it as you go and then just migrate the site over when its time to go live.

It's not a small task to learn CS's ins/outs and migrate all your content and I would suggest a new layout/design (your current one is dated) no offense

There are quite a few guys on this forum that could help you and do a good job and of course, the forums are always useful.

Not sure if he's still doing custom work but brandonvd is a good person to contact.

You could also try tbirnseth , StellarBytes, and Struck (?)

Best of luck and Welcome to CS!

Thx Tony, I'll check them out.


Hah, funny you were wondering about me, I was wondering the same about you. This is the first post I've seen from you in quite a while. I miss you man.

Oh, and yes, I am doing custom work.




I’m on here every day to Mod work, cleaning up the forums, approving posts, removing spam, etc, etc.

Even tho I dont post a lot i’m on here almost every day :mrgreen:


Thanks for the thought Tony, however, for the most part I only do “this stuff” when I am in survival mode working on our own site. The other guys you mentioned are all well equipped though to handle anything the ecommerce world can throw at them! ;-)

Also you can add forum member “The Tool” to the above list, you may also be able to reach

him by dialing 1-800-THETOOL :grin: