Migrating From Pinnacle Cart

Hi All,

I am currently using Pinnacle Cart and am looking to move. I have a CS Cart trial running at the moment. I love the cart but the one thing that is stopping me moving is the migration and the creation of new URLs. It appears that the migration process creates new URLs. I can't do a few thousand redirects. You can see the URL structure at my store ieDepot

Does anyone know the solution to this?


Id suggest getting in touch with Cscartrocks.com or Vali on these forums. They might be able to rewrite the seo/functions.php file to mirror your old urls. I too had to do the same thing when I switched to CS Cart a few years back.


For the mingration projects we create special addon which use 301 redirect to save old URLs. Actually you can add such kind of redirect to the .htaccess file manually. For example,


Redirect old file path to new file path

Redirect 301 /olddirectory/oldfile.html http://example.com/newdirectory/newfile.html


As an update.

Simtech created an add-on which allowed me preserve all my URLs. I did not want to do a redirect for every page. The bit of Google love I have I wanted to keep 100%.

Thank you for keeping us updated. 301 redirect does not impact on search engines. I am almost sure, that they also used it in their module.