Migrating From One Server To Another

So I have been having the hardest time with migrating my server over. So far I am currently running cs cart 4.2.4, and the reason i am migrating is because i can't upgrade to 4.3.3 since my server doesn't support the requirements of the newer update and when i put it onto another server with a fresh install of 4.3.3 it worked, when i tried on my old server, it didn't even get past the install page. So now I currently use vape94.com which has the older version and i created new.vape94.com and i transfered all the files over and copied the database over as well. Even after going into the config.local.php file for the site name to new.vape94.com it still doesn't work. It keeps redirecting me on the back end and fails. The front end has an error:

LESS expected color value: failed at color: darken(@links, 10%); line: 52

.transition(all 150ms);


a:hover {

color: darken(@links, 10%);


ul {

padding: 0;

margin: 0;

Does anyone know what am I doing wrong?

P-Pharma has the similar issue in the past


Please contact him and ask how he fixed it