Microdata - Structured Data

Am I missing a configuration or possibly an override option step?

Since moving my site to https to meet goole indexing requirements, my structured data is not showing in google results. Google web stats shows article 0 urls. I have verified that these values do exist for my products and they do show properly in my products SEO as indicated in cs-cart KB.

When I use webmaster testing tool, it shows errors for rating value & review count indicating they are blank, even though they do have values.

Anyone have ideas??

Using 4.3.4


I completely reinstalled a fresh copy of 4.3.4 and all appears to be working now with structured data.

Unfortunately I was not able to pinpoint what the problem was exactly, but my guess is left over code from previous upgrades that were not removed.

Now I need to wait for google to reindex my site again. Hopefully this will not take weeks again.