meta data

Go to meta.tpl for the appropriate skin and change this line to

file it away. Sounds easy.

Now I download a web page and voila the change is not reflected… Is there a cs-cart cache hiding somewhere? I deleted my local cache. I have pretty URL’s (SEO) enabled if that has anything to do with it. I want to make this change for security reasons, it’s harder to exploit vulnerabilities if you don’t know exactly what you’re cracking. Any advice?

For CS-Cart 2.0.4:

From your CS-Cart root directory go to the “var” directory then the “cache” directory. Delete these files. Then you may also need to go to the “var” then “compiled” and then “customer” directory and delete these files as well. After I make changes on my site I often need to clear these files to see the changes reflected.

I renamed html/var/compiled/customer, created a new customer directory ( the paranod way to do it) and it worked. Thanks much.