Is now live

MerryStockings offers a wide variety of Christmas decore products such as: personalized Christmas stockings, embroidered Christmas tree skirts, Christmas stocking hangers, photo ornaments, Christmas stocking kits and photo holiday cards.

Thanks for any comments guys

Thats a pretty good site - who designed it?

I see you are on the latest build, what cache method are you using, have you had any performance issues sand are you using smartoptizer ?


design came mostly from client - mysql cache setting no other optimization presently we are working on that to make it load even faster

WOW…really nice site!!!

How did you make the arrow selection buttons above and below your quantity selection box. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do a drop down menu for my quantity box…but I’ve had no luck…your clever quantity selection button may do the trick for me!!!


Not answering for the OP, but there is a qty adjust which was a small mod done by a CSC developer in his spare time:


Check Use “Value changer” for the Quantity field under Appearance Settings