Merging Users from 2 CS-Cart stores

Hello Guys

Title says it all really.

Does anyone have experience in merging the users from 2 stores?

Is it possible?

What tables would I need to merge?

Just any pointers really.



My guess is that if you were to export the records from the users, user_data, user_mailing_lists, and user_profiles tables from one store, you may be able to then import those records into the other store’s tables.

I’m not sure if user_session_products would apply from one store to the next.

[COLOR=“Red”]DISCLAIMER:[/COLOR] I have not tried this and I am far from knowledgeable in database management. I offer this is what I would try if I needed to do the same thing.

Backing up, of course, will mitigate your risks.

Good luck :wink: - please report your findings.