Merge Product Variations

Is there way to merge the product variations with the same name and the same features into one single variation? CS-Cart 4.11.1
Or do I have to assign it to each product, meaning That I have to
decouple all of the converted variations and create the new ones?
After I’ve converted my store option combinations into the product variations using suggested
and I’ve ended up with many duplicates of product variations.
They are like:
Category A variation 1 (it has 5 features)
Category B variation 1 (duplicate) (it has same 5 features)
Category C variation 1 (duplicate) (it has same 5 features)
Is there a way to to use my original variation1 over all of my categories?
I've tried to assign it at the Category A variation 1 editor, so that the original variation 1 and its features should be assigned over all of the Categories (B,C D,) but it doesn't seem to work?
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Yeah, the conversion process was a nightmare.

I've reached out to cs-cart in order to know if they plan to add feature merging tool because after the conversion there are many duplicate features but they said that they don't see such a need and said that I should contact developers from the marketplace if I need it.

It's outrageous after the mess that was created they don't provide any tools to quickly fix it after the conversion.

Right now, I'm manually redoing all of my products. Maybe by the end of 2020 I will fix all of the problems (40 k products).

They have also announced other changes to be implemented with the product features (they will not be dependent on categories).

I wish they would also think about long time customers and backward compatibility.

In my opinion the merege tool should work like this:

1) I select 2 features (merge from/merge to)

2) I click the button "merge" and the feature variants "merge from" are assigned to "merge to" feature based on string comparison.

3) After the process all of the product variations groups are regenerated

4) Feature merge from gets deleted.

Ikoshkin, Imac - could you say something about this issue?

Thank you for your reply Jacek.
That is really bad news unfortunately :-(

Did not work well for us either, likely for us its a site we are develpoing and not our main shop!

I agree. We have about 150 size features, that I would like to merge down to maybe 10-15. :(

Dear all,

We can make the add-on that will help to merge duplicates of product variations.

But it's hard to tell the price as every client has it's own demands to the functionality.

If you are interest in such functionality, please contact us and provide us with the technical task and ftp access to your website or your database.

Best regards,


Our team is also at your service. Feel free to contact us

I think one way as a start would be to list the number of products that uses each variation and then be able to show these products by clicking on the link. Then show these products in the productlist.