Merge File Creates Error When Imported

We have 100 records with an incorrectly-labeled feature field. We created a new Merge file with the correct label on that field, so that we could correct the problem by importing the new file. When we attempt to import the file, CS-Cart returns an error:

[indent=1][color=#0000cd]ErrorDuplicate entry ‘11082-p–pr-0’ for key 1 (1062) INSERT INTO [/color][/indent]

[indent=1][color=#0000cd]cscart_seo_names (object_id, type, dispatch, lang_code, [/color][/indent]

[indent=1][color=#0000cd]company_id) VALUES (11082, ‘p’, ‘’, ‘product_descriptions.lang_code’, [/color][/indent]


If I then examine the records in CS-Cart, it turns out the top record in the Merge file has been corrected, but none of the other records have. What could be causing this within the Merge file? The file looks good to me. I have attempted to remove the second record from the Merge file, in case that was the problem, but I get the same error.

Thanks in advance!