Merchant Link Question

Sorry learning as a go here - feeling kinda silly asking but I have to :wink:

I’ve been looking into a online payment solution. In admin - payment methods you can add a payment. Where is says “Processor” you can’t add a name of a processor until the processor name has been integrated correct?

If you have a Merchant Link it would still be the same as above?


Yes, processors relate to installed payment providers. If you’re using a payment provider that is not part of the system, you won’t be able to configure for use.

I have no idea what a Merchant Link is. Are you talking about a Merchant Account (I.e. the middleman between your bank and the gateway or payment provider)?


Sorry I’ve got it figured out


Maybe you could share with others what you found and what you did?

In NOTdoing so, you will find that future questions will generallly have much less response to children that don’t share. It’s just how the nursery school works!