Merchant Accountant

Hi everyone, I’m building my new CS cart online store. Could anybody please recommend a merchant accountant? I’m in NC, US. Thanks a lot!

I use and have been real happy. I am in CA, USA. Because is alread integrated with CS-Cart set up is real easy.

I believe there are a couple of resalers on the forum that use CS-Cart, if you do a search I bet you will find them. You could also go to and find a reseller through them.


Thank you, Brandon.

I decide to use the payment gateway too even though not buy one yet. But I think I need to have a merchant account in addition to the payment gateway?

BTW, I do love your website design a lot; and I’m using Cyberlnc too for the host service, they are great!

Hi Lavenda,

You can PM me for more info. I am also a sales agent for Meritus Payment Solutions in Southern California. We would be able to help you with a merchant account.

You could also try 1st National Processing at We did a CS-Cart implementation for them last year. Can ya tell :slight_smile: