Merchant Account in CS-Cart

Hi Guys,

Which merchant account do you all use? Which ones let users input direct payment info into cs-cart without redirecting? Like I want them to be able to put in their info, and hit submit order, have the order charge without them being taken elsewhere.

Any suggestions/experiences?


We are very happy with The integration with CS-Cart and configuration was quite painless. You are also provided a virtual terminal to process cards manually as needed.

Keep in mind though that you will need a dedicated IP and SSL Cert for transactions that take place on your server.

Is able to input direct payment info into cs-cart without redirecting, like PayPal Pro?

There is any other with this such ability?



In fact you will be happy with Your customers wouldn’t even know who process your credit card. Every thing happened right in your website. Best of all you can take a phone or fax order with their virtual terminal. So far I think I am very happy with them. One thing to note, to reach customer service on phone will probably cost you 30 to 59 minutes of your time. PayJunction might be another branch. I tried their demo online but I decided to go with

how much are their fees?

do you get a monthly fee?

how much per card?

that will depend on which resellor you decide to go with.