Menu problem

Just noticed I have a problem with the menu on my site. It could be I’ve made a css change sometime ago and not noticed I’ve messed something up.

When you hover the cursor over the category sub categories show up but when you move the cursor down to those the sub categories disapear before you have chance to click. Doesn’t happen everytime but I need to fix this quick.

Can anyone see the problem & solution or simple give me the default BASIC THEME 3.06 code for the menu so I can replace mine please ?


just change the dropdown.css in line 361 to this

.dropdown-multicolumns li:hover .dropdown-1column, .dropdown-multicolumns li:hover .dropdown-2columns, .dropdown-multicolumns li:hover .dropdown-3columns, .dropdown-multicolumns li:hover .dropdown-4columns, .dropdown-multicolumns li:hover .dropdown-5columns {

left: -1px;
top: 23px;

Thanks a lot, had to go to 22px in the end but sure hit the spot.