Menu Dropdown Issue

I screwed up some code somewhere. The background color of the dropdown menu isn’t extending to the full length of the items [see attached image]. Awhile back I change the code to a specific measurement on accident and can’t figure out where that was. I told it to be 43px high somewhere.

Any chance any of you can help me figure out where that code is that I need to change?

The website is


You should not use a fixed height, I can't see, without poor CSS coding standards, a reason why it would be set to 43px.

Open /skins/yourtheme/customer/styles.css (also make a backup)

Edit this class:

#top_menu ul ul


height: auto;


It may be worth noting, I suggest you also edit your link ('a') class to incorporate a change of style (colour, weight, etc) as none of the links on the site are apparent as links to pages.

StellarBytes method is right. It must help

Thanks for the help. It was the #top_menu that had a 41px fixed height. I have no idea why I had changed it; makes no sense…

Glad to have the help!!