Menu Disappears

I have a top menu that has a dropdown menu when there are subcategories. This is working fine. I also have a left side block for the navigation as well. And this works.

The problem is once you are in the cart, and you use the top navigation (with a dropdown menu) and you mouse over the submenu (where it displays overtop of the left side block navigation) the drop down disappears.

You can see what I mean if you go to this page and move over the Skin category, then try to move the mouse down to the Sun Care Category.


Is there a way to fix that?

You seem to have an issue with your list where the area associated with the onmouseover is getting dropped. I’m not sure in your ul css what ‘top:100%’ means. Normally top (and related) are integer values representing the number of pixels from the current window location (relative or absolute). So I don’t know what top:100% would do. But then I’m not a great CSS guy… But that’s where I’d start looking. You might also find that your having your top menu items go over the left column menu items is giving you issues with z-index and mouseover events.

Any reason you don’t just move your horizontal categories to the right? You have room to probably avoid the issue entirely.