Menu Customization


I am trying to customize the menu on the left side of my website to look like the image I attached - with the following menu items:


Login or Create Account (this would be two links on one line, one to the login page and one to the registration page)


[indent]Product 1[/indent]

[indent]Product 2[/indent]

[indent]Product 3[/indent]

Buy Now (this would be a link to a Product list page with all products listed one one page with Add to cart for any of them)

Additional Information (a custom page with other content)

I have been able to get the menu to look somewhat like the image, but not in the right order, and it kind of looks separated because of the different design blocks needed to create the different menu items. And I can't figure out how to make the menu item with the two links on one line (login and register).

Thank you for any tips or help you can give me - I've done lots of web programming and CSS, but the CS-Cart template system is totally new to me as of last week.