Menu bullets - how?

Good morning, afternoon, evening gentlemen.

I’m getting frustrated once again trying to add a GIF bullet to my navigation. I have a nice “bullet.gif” in my images and do not know, how to insert it into the code.

It’s in v2.0.11, Redish skin with “emenu” Please see the attached image.

Thank you all.


Add this to the end of your dropdown.css:

li.dir { list-style-image:url(/imagepath/image.gif); }

Haven’t tested this but it should work.

Hi John

Thank you for your advice.

For some reason, I cannot get it to work. A new GIF file is now uploaded to myskin/images directory and I tried to play with dropdown.css within the lines below:

```php }

/** /Separator */

.right-column ul.dropdown-vertical ul {

top: 1px;

left: auto;

right: 100%;


li.dir { list-style-image: url(‘images/blackbullet.gif’);}

/Decoration */ ```

Am I missing something? Thank you.

I’m on my knees - pleeeease!

In dropdown.css I changed

ul.dropdown, ul.dropdown li, ul.dropdown ul {

list-style: none;

margin: 0;

padding: 0;



ul.dropdown, ul.dropdown li, ul.dropdown ul {

list-style: disc;

margin: 0;

padding: 0;


I imagine you can change the first line to (maybe not)

list-style-image: url(‘images/blackbullet.gif’) no-repeat;

Gentlemen, Thank you

What I did is:

```php /* Logic */

ul.dropdown, ul.dropdown li, ul.dropdown ul {


margin: 0;

padding: 0;

} ```

However, I’m getting a small under-bullet-dot and cannot get rid off it. Pic attached. Please advise. A big thank you.



[COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#007700]list-[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]style[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]-type: [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]square[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700];[/COLOR][/COLOR]

Hi Roban

I tried that one too. Still the same. It looks like the square DOT is getting underlined or it gets underlined from the dotted line in between each menu item. I can’t find anything with Firebug. Small glitch but it looks bad. No bloody clue…