I would like to have normal customers accounts automatically activated (normal)

But trade customer accounts activated by the administrator

There is only an all or nothing tick box in settings.

I found this


I can’t find the file to edit in the Template Editor, or know where to find the cscart_membership_descriptions table.

Help please (Laymens terms only)

I’m ok about simple editing, but seem to spent hours finding the right files. Is there also anywhere that says what files do what. I’ve spent a year on a steep learning curve.



The file “fn_users.php” is not in the template editor. It’s in the directory “core/fn_users.php”. You will need to edit the file and then reupload it.

The cscart_membership_descriptions table is in your MySQL database. Then in the code provided by dab, simply replace YOUR_WHOLESALE_MEMBERSHIP_ID with the value in the membership_id field corresponding to the membership you want to automatically activate.