Membership Fees Help

Alright, thought I would just throw this out there and see if anyone else has attempted such a thing. This is the message I sent to CS-Support:

“I’m trying to use memberships as sort of a content management system and

would like customers to select which membership (plan) and pay for it during

registration. Is there any current way to do so?”

Basically I want their access to ‘products’ to be limited until they choose a plan to go with. Support responded with:

“CS-Cart does not have the ability to sell memberships. As a suggestion you

can sell a membership package as a product. After a customer bought this

product you can set the membership to this customer.”

Technically, this would work, and I may have to do so to get the store up and running but it would be hairy for the customer. If anyone has any ideas or has heard of a mod of some sort, please let me know, thanks.