Member Only Products

OK, so I have a client that is a club. This club requires membership to be able to shop on their store. They also offer memberships for sale on their store.

So, here is how I have things now.

The memberships are available to all groups.

Other products are only available to paid members.

When a membership is purchased, the order comes in and the admin approves the customer as a paid member and then that member can purchase the restricted products.

I thought this was fine and we were happy with it, but now some of the members are complaining about the approval process. What they want is:

The customer purchases a membership. Upon payment of the membership, they have immediate access to the restricted products without having to wait for approval into the paid members group.

How can I do this? I've tried everything I can think of and I just can't figure it out.



So you need auto-approval of the user group without the admin having to approve the user group request? This may help, apparently the code changes for this functionality are covered under Support. Whether or not that is still true today is another story.