Mega Menu Free Addon

Hi Fellows,

I just finished the mega menu as an addon, that I found from somehwere in the forum.

So now it is easy to just upload files install them as an addon and just make only one small change to the top_menu.tpl file of your active skin.

In your active skin/customer folder open top_menu.tpl and add after the 1st line : {hook name=“index:top_menu”} and in the last line add {/hook}

Save clear both cache, and you are done.

This works in 2.1x and 2.2x





Great stuff.



Thanks man, just trying to do our lives easier.


Foti hi,

Great addon!

Quick question,

when i have a third level subcategory the menu displays it as a second level subcategory , for example

i have



subcat 1_1_1

subcat 1_1_1_1

in the above case the menu displays

subcat 1_1_1 in the same level with subcat 1_1_1_1

any ideas how to fix this? ideally i would like it to hide subcat 1_1_1_1 from the menu

Ann sorry,

The original Addon that I had packed as an Addon supports 2 level categories.

This will need some tweaking .


DVSGR: Nice Menu!

You said above “this will take some tweaking”. Does this mean you plan to fix it, or that we must try and fix it? (well not fix it - but to prevent showing 3rd level and deeper sub-sub-sub-categories… So then it would just show 1st and 2nd level categories?)

Do you have any advice for where to start? (which files etc for either of the above (i. Show categories deeper or ii. not show deeper than 2nd level.))

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Im using Vsn 3 and there's no top_menu.tpl Which file should I change?

Hi guys

cant accept money for that as this is not my product. I just found it in the forum and did a little bit of work in order to make it easier to install

In the original post there was instructions on wich files to tweek inorder for this to work. I tried to make it simpler buy makeing it an addon.

Now all you have to do is add 2 lines in the top_menu.tpl in order for that to work. then you copy all files and isntall it through admin.

So in terms of categories depth, I haven't done anything more or less. It is like the original post. The tweaking is mostly for the looks. That means you need to know a little bit css in order to change color of that.

Have a look to this site I did implemented and tweaked the css files.

As for the version 3 I think this is no more needed as the new version has a better mega menu solution implemented.

So don't bother installing it as you wont find the files you need to tweak.


can these be tweaked for use on a 2.0.14 cart?

i got to look into it.


Thanks so much!


i have a problem with that add-on on version 2.1.2,

it's appear on the page, but dropdown function is not wotking.

any idea for that issue?


Any link on that?

We're you able to see if it can be installed on 2.0.14?


Hi it needs some work to be done

Sorry its not working in .2.0.x


Thanks for looking into it.


That must be over 3 years old!

If you have a business online, you really should upgrade to a newer version as there are so many updates, new files, changed files, themes, add-ons, etc, etc. Spending $250 to get the new version is well worth the investment in your online business!

I agree on that, only thing is what is happening to all your custom skin and addons for that old version.

This is mostly the setback of upgrading to newer version. I have many clients with this matter.


the best one is CSCARTROCKS 'S megamenu you can find out

they will modify what you want . and product also very nice

Hello Do you know if there is a mega menu for CS CART 4.03 yet? Check