Meet Our Power Pack

Dear friends!

We are happy to introduce you our new Power Pack product.
This package solution includes 30+ most popular add-ons from CS-Cart MarketPlace and 20+ unique features available in the Power Pack only

Choose one of 3 available styles to check the Power Pack functionality:

Main design | Bright design

General features:

- tested in Google PageSpeed Insights
- tested in Google Mobile Friendly
- regular updates. More features will be available in new release
- 30+ add-ons up to USD 1170 included
- free installation
- free support

Power Pack costs USD 1,005.

More details are available on the Power Pack official page.

If you have any questions about Power Pack feel free to contact us:

Great set of necessary addons you have.

Best wishes

Feels very heavy and slow...

Feels very heavy and slow...

All the CS-Cart + Power Pack demo are tested in Google PageSpeed Insights and included in the green zone.

You can check this by following these links:

PageSpeed Insights Base Design
PageSpeed Insights Bright Design
PageSpeed Insights Light Design

Power Pack contains many visual effects implemented with the help of CSS and JS which in any case
requires special resources from the user’s PC and it may arise sensation of a heaviness.

I have just run additional tests and got the following results on my PC:

Demo 1: 0.85 s. - click to see screenshot.

Demo 2: 1.45 s. - click to see screenshot.
Demo 3: 1.08 s. - click to see screenshot.

In the upper-right corner you can see the time calculated by the Page Load Time add-on.

What results do you get?