Measure Repeat Customers

LTV is an important KPI in eCommerce and I find Google Analytics not very accurate

Does anyone know how to measure repeat customers in CS Cart i.e. how many customers over the past 12 months have placed more than 1 order


Great question. I also would like to know this. Also, is there any add-on that can give our sellers insight into the web traffic that is coming to their shops. It seems that Google Analytics add-on is the only option, and this means the sellers have to go to a separate website to see their site performance?? Is there no way to see their store performance within cscart?

We do this manually by comparing phone numbers repeats and then querying in Excel, but I would also like to see something within the software that would make it a lot easier.

The alt team created a mod for me that displays thr customers previous order numbers in the current order status window.

I’m sure they could alter it for you to “count” the previous order numbers.