May installation issue

hello , i change my server and re- install cs-cart whit no problems, but when i restore the database the index page dont work :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function smarty_modifier_fn_seo_is_indexed_page() in /home/netmaxi/public_html/var/compiled/customer/%%45^45E^45E480CD%%index.tpl.php on line 35

the admin page works great

the url is:

Any help??

i turn off and on mod rewrite module, clear chache and works


I just had to do a complete reinstall because of another stupid problem, so I get everything set up again, enable SEO rewrite in the Add-ons section, everything is OK, start changing the SEO names of my categories, then I get this exact same error!!!

So I try what you did, turn SEO off, but then when I try to turn SEO back on again, I get a WARNING message flash in the top right corner of the screen saying:

[COLOR=“Orange”]SEO-friendly URLs are disabled. Check your web server and URL manipulation engine settings.[/COLOR]

which of course were fine 5 minutes before this, and I am able to use mod_rewrite on every other site running on my server, and have had it running no problem on the previous installation of CS-Cart before it choked and died.

I cleared the cache, even tried manually deleting the cache files, but I’m still getting the error and can not turn the SEO add-on back on again.

Why does this stupid cart have problems everytime you take two steps with it?

I literally just reinstalled this from scratch like an hour ago, and already there are stupid errors.

The ONLY thing I did between the cart working and the first error crash, was edit the category SEO names under :

Cataolog > Categories > Editing category (clicked on category to edit it) > Add-ons Tab > SEO

I changed the first couple of category names, no problem, tested the frontend and everything worked great, so I continued to edit the rest of the category names, and then went to test it again, and received the error and full site crash.,

What gives???

I am getting fed up as I am already behind schedule with this cart and can not seem to get any closer to completion because of stupid errors like this that keep happening.

Sorry for the rant.

Any ideas from any smart kind people ?

Thank you for any assistance.

well, uninstalling then reinstalling the SEO Add-on got it to work again.

brent, thanks for your info above. Was having a problem with seo on a window server install of Ultimate beta. uninstalled and re installed SEO and it is working as expected.

I have same problem “Fatal error: Call to undefined function fn_seo_is_indexed_page() in”

reinstalling the SEO Add-on got it to work again.

But I have to do everyday…

How can I solve thsi problem permenent ?

Any solutions to this issue?