Maxmind Anti Fraud Addon Issue


I've activated the Anti fraud add-on, subscribed to the service, and entered our Maxmind license key and other settings. I don't see any change on the order page in the admin.

Getting Default Fraud Risk Score "5" Every Orders.

Fraud Checking

	IP address:




	Risk factor is admissible

	Risk factor:



	Order has been approved.


	What Is "_af_permission_required " How Can Be Solve This issue I Don't Understand How can resolve This Issue.

	Configure All Required Setting as per as Documentation

Add on Setting
Maxmind license key: ************
Safe distance (km):50
Max order total:150
Maximum risk factor (1..100):25

I get same results also. In my maxmind account I get this

Database Products and Subscriptions
No database products or subscriptions have been used by your account.