Maximum products CS-Cart handle

Hello All,

Can someone tell me the maximum number of products CS-cart can handle, without crashing or overloading?

I have uploaded little over 17,000 products on CS-cart, so far with no problems. However, I am looking to upload over 200,000 products. Can someone let me know if this is possible?



I’m up to 65,000 and so far havent cracked it… About to add 15,000 more to it in the next couple of days.

Are you on dedicated server?

It will also depend on how large your descriptions/html usage is.

I’m running a dedictated server from with a core 2 Quad 2.83 GHz processor with 2GB RAM and CentOS 5.3 OS

Memory usage is about 30-40% percent during imports, exporting, DB backup, etc.

Please report back after you add the 200K products to let us know how CS-Cart handles it - this would be interesting info to know.

with 2.0.8 CS did some serious testing and changes with 100,000 product base. They could provide you with more info, but I think you will be ok.