Max Number Of Pics To Upload At Once?

What is the max number of pic's you can upload at once via product>admin area? When I set it to 100, add the pics, hit save, it says it is done, but they are all still blank. I really don't feel like doing 10 at a time, will take ages.

do you mean via csv in admin>import>images Ive done hundreds this way.

or in the product record additional images, max Ive done here is about 20 per time

Going to product list in admin area, check them all, edit, image pair

It depends on the server settings. E.g. try to increase the post_max_size parameter

Where is that located?

Where is that located?

Address it to the server administrator

Ahh kk, Thanks

Look's like I can edit that myself. Support stated it is at 256mb

Look's like I can edit that myself. Support stated it is at 256mb

So, what is summary size of uploaded images for 100 products?

Average around 60/70k each. The entire folder I have the images in is only 44mb, and that covers over 8 pages at 100 pages each.

Pretty sure it is a cs-cart issue, as I have had this problem on 3 different webhosts now.

Also check upload_max_filesize and make sure it is greater than 44mb.

upload_max_filesize set at 256mb

If you’re on shared hosting then the settings placed above will not work. Chevk with the host company

I have access to change all of those settings on my shared server...I asked them about them, and they showed me how to access/change them. If that is what you are talking about?

i was talking about that they probalby have global settings which will override yours... check the php info or the server php info tab if you're on cpanel

Ok contacted host again, my php info stated it was 2m. They assured me that theirs override what it states in there and they set it to 256MB. I still can not get over 20 images to upload at once. I have 2 different cs-cart stores, and both have done them on multiple servers/hosts =(

So if you upload 30 images, only first 20 are uploaded or they are not uploaded at all?

Thats correct, 20 would upload, the rest would stay blank.