Master Products Addon Integration

Has anyone integrated their addon with the relatively new master_products addon in MVE?

I would like to include selected custom fields from an addon (have been added to ?:products) in the vendor available fields and also to have the Addons tab show with the data related to those custom fields.

I'm guessing that I need to add product fields via schemas/master_products/ in my addon. I.e. something like:


$existing_fields = Type::create(PRODUCT_TYPE_VENDOR_PRODUCT_OFFER)->getFields();

$schema = [
'products' => MainTable::create('products', 'my_field_name', $existing_fields)];
return $schema;


Will this in fact create a vendor-specific instance of 'my_field_name' that is unique per vendor?

Or given the master_products seems to be built upon product_variations are symbiotic can it just be done for both product_variations and master_products by using the schemas/product_variations/ schema instead? I.e. kill both birds with one stone?