Marketplace Poor Mobile Experience (Review)

OK so this morning I received email from Alexey Maisuradze (СS-Cart Marketplace)

I thought ok I'll take a look while having coffee on my mobile phone samsung s9+

In short 3 / 10 in verbal "a barefoot / shoemaker ; bootmaker" ... :D

  • 2 main hamburger menus, basically duplicate each other..
  • catalog hamburger not possible to use as it closes before you get to secondary menu..
  • content is wider then screen! Google would kick *** for this if it were normal shop
  • you cannot scroll down to products past the filter without accidentally touching something... Developers forgot about sidebar wrappers
  • missing lang variables..
  • how does the compact view differs from regular view ? :D


Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 09.48.36.png