March 22Nd Cpanel Update Causes False 403 Errors On Urls/assets

Hey all we just got pwnd all night/day because of a bad regex in a Cpanel update. The amount of requests 403'ing took us down (one of the bad blocks was in menu). The fix is pretty easy if you can get to primary httpd.conf or its template (or tell your host to).

Symptoms are, as of last night, certain assets not not loading, and perhaps CS-Cart not acting right, or getting hammered on its 403 page, crashing out apache.

The bad regex is this:

The good regex is this:
Check out your store if you are on Cpanel. Strings like "light" in urls, image names, pdfs, etc will fail because the dev used unescaped periods, as well as brackets that match letters instead of whole word snippets. In the case that one of these assets is in a menu/header/footer, and you have high traffic, your store may be crashing.
More info and a sed patch here: