MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Mod?

Does anyone have a MAP (minimum advertised price) mod available/for sale? Basically this allows a customer to add a product to their cart to see the non-advertised price in the cart?

Some suppliers have MAP pricing which basically means you are only suppose to show the MAP price on the product description page, but you are allowed to show a lower price in the cart. A lot of ecommerce stores have this feature.

When I was using X-Cart, XCartmods had this free MAP mod that you could download. I’d try and hack this but I don’t want to screw anything up.



There have been numerous requests for the developers to include MAP pricing support in the basic cart. For some reason, they apparently do not feel it is a priority.


@jobosales - Ah, but some of us do! :slight_smile:

A new addon is available for MAP pricing. See this thread for details: [url][/url]

Has anyone made any modification or an addon for Ultimate V3 or V4 that provides a MAP Pricing capability? The addon at EZ Merchant Solutions: [url=“”][/url] is in the style of what I would like to accomplish, but unfortunately it is not compatible with V3 or V4.