Many Orders getting recorded but no payments Processed

I can’t understand why I am getting so many “Orders” recorded but no payments. Can anyone explain?

I have two sites, one using Paypal and another using Worldpay.

When does the Order get created and written to database, and when does Order status get changed?

Does an Order get created BEFORE a payment is made? Is this an OPEN Order?

If payment isn’t processed properly by Paypal/Worldpay how does the Order in CSCart record this?

How can an adminsitrator who can’t access Paypal/Worldpay accounts immediately establish a payment has actually been processed?

One site is a fast food restuarant and successful payment notifications are need fairly quickly.

hmm very interesting.

I will go try my store and report back to you. Haven’t looked into this yet.

From my experience when a user added an item to their card and goes to checkout. Example paypal. They select paypal and click on checkout. At this time an order is created on your site and left on open status. The user is then sent to paypal’s website for payment.

Once payment is confirmed and user comes back the order status will be changed to processed.

Yep I just checked it myself and that’s what happens.

So as soon as they hit the checkout to e.g. paypal the order shows as open. I suppose as long as you know that the status OPEN means they haven’t paid then you will be fine.