Many Customers Leave Their Default State As Aa During Checkout

Before upgrading the cart I never really had a problem but I have several customers per week now just leave the default state as "AA" and don't actually choose the state they live in. Now when printing postage we use address verification software so it isn't a huge deal except sometimes we are shipping without know what state it is going to until the label prints. I am guessing it stems from customers using autocomplete/autofill software that doesn't acknowledge the state field on the checkout form (I have addressed this issue at and also filled out a bug report but no one seems to care). So is anyone else having the issue or have a solution? I currently am running the default checkout layout where the city and state are at the top above shipping options and away from the rest of the address. I do kind of like this layout since customer can choose their shipping option before putting in all their information but wonder if that is the problem.