Many Carts In The Forest, Why Cs-Cart?

bringing it around to the main question

started experimenting with opencart, then noticed little sparks taking hold with their newest version

so i did not want to start this journey only to be engulfed in a flaming wreck later

moved on to experimenting with prestashop, abantecart and cs-cart

i chose to focus on cs-cart after watching a few of the videos on the cs-cart frontpage,

reading the forum interactions between the old-timers and the newbies (like me),

and the best online shopping award to one of your members kayokoko swimwear

(desevedly so imo, great website, and canadian as i am also, which is nice to have members from your area)

so there is the answer to the question Why CS-Cart

ps. thank you for a very nice free cart to start with

take care


somewheremain, we are glad to meet you on the community forum. If you plan to use free versions, note that there are several major changes were made with the free version recently: