I have started a new bug report/feature request in the bug tracker regarding the implementation and possible use of manufactures and extra fields.

Please feel free to input into that thread so that we can get the manufacturers added back into the shopping cart like it should be. This should not have been excluded from the cart in the first place. People with a gazillion manufactures would not possibly be able to use the blocks/manufacturer method with the way the 2.0.x release is.

The MPN plus other extra fields is another part of the same thread… SKU and UPC should always be seperate. Multiple manufactures will overlap part numbers, so there needs to be another way to seperate them.

I agree this should have been left as in previous versions, however I can convert the previous addon over to 2.0+ pretty easily if you guys really want it, I can even add in the extra fields you require…

*creating manufacturers with product features works the same way in 2.0+


That would probably work

What did you think of possible method explained in the bug tracker regarding inheriting the manufacturers dynamically from the products contained in the category that the customer happens to be in? I think that would make life so much easier for everyone and the manufacturer issue, and would make the best use out of the block… no manually filling the blocks with the items contained within the category

The other reason for manufacturers is that we have our link on our manufacturers websites, so when someone is looking at their products and want to buy, they click on the “Where to buy” link and get brought to our site where they expect to be given a list of the manufacturers good, but instead just hit the home page. They can A) search for the product they are looking for or B) go back to the manufactures website and click on someone elses website that actually has their act together and show the customer a list of that manufacturers good on the first click.

inheriting the manufacturers can be done, I’ll see about coding this up however Christmas orders are starting to pour in here and that will be our focus probably from this point forward until the 1st, 2nd week in January. Setting up the product features in 2.0+ works alot better and basically works the exact same way as the previous manufacturers addon except in 2.0+ you have alot more flexibility…