Manufacturer / Report mod?

We have used CS Cart to build a website for a client, they supply furniture but keep no stock at all, when they make a sale they get it delivered to the client direct from the manufacturer. here is the problem, when a sale is made it usually consists of multiple items from multiple manufacturers, they want to be able to pull off a report that is specific to each manufacturer so they can simply forward it on to them, it would be akin to a purchase order from CS Cart to the manufacturer of any items sold.

So if a sale consisted of:

1 Chair, 1 Table and 1 Storage unit

And these 3 items came from 3 manufacturers it would be ideal if CS Cart generated 3 purchase orders, one for each item, to be sent to each of the manufacturers.

We must say that we are quite impressed with CS Cart, it does everything else our client needs and has been easy to configure. We are just stuck on this one issue.

Can any one help? Please… :rolleyes:

You might want to contact the developers for more information on CS-Mall. It appears it will handle this although I am not sure if it will allow a consolidated checkout. We’ve spoken to CS_Cart about the need for a consolidated checkout and they said they will consider this.