Manufacturer Rebates


A couple of our manufacturers are doing rebate promos during the holiday season and we wanted to advertise those on our site.

We are looking at the promotions in the admin panel but we really just want to advertise for the manufacturer and what it looks like promotions does is immediate discounts, free products, or shipping, etc etc… by us.

What promotions looks like is you add a condition and then if that condition is met then the buyer gets a “bonus” which is what the promotion is all about. We are fine with the conditions bit, but the bonus options are not really what we are looking for… since we don’t really want to actually bother with sending in the rebate to the manufacturer, we just want to advertise it in a prominent location and maybe show a link to the promo on the manufacturer’s site and a link to the product on our site…or something like that.

Does anyone have any good ideas. I am open to any creative solutions to this.


Why not just use blocks with banners to advertise these rebates for each of the items? You can create a banner which can contain links, html code, etc. then create a block containing that banner. Assign that block to the specific product with the rebate and have it appear on whatever pages you want - home page, product details page, etc.


Stephanie - in process of converting to CS-Cart 2.0.8

well because it seems like when we add a block it shows up on every page. we would just want it on the home page. is there an easy way to make a block only show up on the homepage?

Yes, you can create a Block directly on the Home page. Go into Blocks and choose Home page from the links (tabs) available across the top of the Blocks. Once you’re on the Home page “tab”, click Add block to create a block that will only be available for the Home page. You can then populate it without whatever information you want as well as put it wherever you want it to appear on the Home page.

Hope this makes sense.

Let me know if you need further assistance.