Manufacturer name in cvs exported catalog

right now the export catalog exports only the manufacturer_id

it’s very hard to use this cvs file (if not for backups or non-human processing)

would be very useful (and easy to ) to export also the manufacturer name, maybe in a different column (so to keep compatibility).

(even better would be to have the possibility to choose which fields to export… but this could be too much work for the 1.3.4 deadline)


I was also struggling to find a way to add a new field to the ‘products’ with column/field name “Manufacturer_id” but don’t have much technical background to do this.

Now I am thinking to change the manufacturer_id field definition to character type of a max. length 50 and to rename the variable manufacturer_id to manufacturer_name.

I do not know all configuration/customizing procedure for this. But researching into the possibility. If I get a solution, I will post it here.

can you tell us what you are trying to do, then we can provide modifications, also you replied to krur’s thread that has nothing to do with what he is trying to do, you’ve already got a thread for your question?

I am new to cscart and this forum, so apology if I posted something in wrong thread. I wanted to have a list of authors in the manufacturer’s list so that if buyers browse the the manufacturer’s list and pick an author it displays all books from that author. When I import/export csv for 2000+ books, I see the excel doesn’t have manufacturer’s name, instead it gives manufacturer’s id and from admin panel there is no such way to know which manufacturer name will have which id.

hope this helps to understand what I was looking for.


I wil send you a PM on this…

It's sad, sad times when, 4 years later, I find a thread on the same subject and find that manufacturer ID used to be able to be exported, but in v2.2.3, some 4 years later, you can't even export the Manufacturer details, not even the ID.