Manufacturer Logo on "View All" page


I'm trying to figure out how to pull the manufacturer logo (that I've assigned to each brand through “product features”) and show it on the “view all” manufacturer page. This page shows all your brands in an alphabetical list (bulleted fashion) with each alphabet letter as a header, “A”, “B”, “C” etc… and I'm using cs cart 2.2.3

The page that I'm referring to is:

I've already found the page that needs to be edited, I just dont know what code to put in so it grabs the logo.

File path: [SKIN]/customer/views/product_features/view_all.tpl

Current code is:


{* $Id$ *}

{if $view_all_filter}

{assign var=“filter_qstring” value=$smarty.request.q|fn_query_remove:“result_ids”:“filter_id”:“features_hash”}

{split data=$view_all_filter size=“4” assign=“splitted_filter” preverse_keys=true}

{foreach from=$splitted_filter item="group"}

{foreach from=$group item="ranges" key="index"}



{if $ranges}
{include file="common_templates/subheader.tpl" title=$index}

{else} {/if}


Any ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks