Manufacturer Drop Down Issue

I was able to find this article on how to change the filter menu list into a drop menu…


However, after making the suggested changes, not all the manufacturers in my list are showing up in the drop down…only 20 of them or so…

Any idea from the new code of why not all my categories are showing up in the drop down list?

I used the 2.2.x version code

also, since there is the “more” link in the original menu list, this link is still showing after applying the changes and it does not take you anywhere as the list is not there anymore

Instead of doing that, how about trying the addon at Addon: Display Features As A Dropdown - Third-Party Add-ons - CS-Cart Community Forums ?

That might be a touch easier for you.



Brandonvd thank you I will look into the add on and give it a try!

Hi ,

I had the same issue with a client who had a list of 35 manufacturers.

Although in Features → Manufacturer → variants came ok, in the product feature tab had only 10 showed up.

I found out that although the limit in config.php file for the product features variants is 40 in order to change in Ajax list, the classic dropdownlist has a limit of ten (in 2.2.4) and thats why it didn t showed up the rest 25 variants.

I couldnt find that limit for the classic dropdownlist so I entered the Ajax list limit from 40 to 10 in the config.php file in root and it works fine now.

But this should be fixed.


Ok and here is the issue solution from Support:

[quote][color=#000000]In order to resolve the problem, please replace this part of the code:[/color]

list($f_variants, $v_total) = fn_get_product_feature_variants($v['feature_id'], $params['product_id'], $v['feature_type'], true, $lang_code, Registry::get('settings.Appearance.admin_elements_per_page'));

[color=#000000]with this one:[/color]

list($f_variants, $v_total) = fn_get_product_feature_variants($v['feature_id'], $params['product_id'], $v['feature_type'], true, $lang_code, AREA == 'A' ? Registry::get('settings.Appearance.admin_elements_per_page') : 0);

[color=#000000]in the [/color]fn.catalog.php[color=#000000] file located in the [/color]core[color=#000000] directory of your CS-Cart installation.[/color]

[color=#000000]After that in the administration panel, go to [/color]Settings > Appearance > Administration[color=#000000] settings and enter a necessary value into the [/color]Elements per page[color=#000000] input field.[/color][/quote]

It is a 2.2.4 issue.