Manufacture/Brand Enhancements

Manufacture/Brand Enhancements

If would be nice if CS cart could provide a category specific list of Brands with logo. Example I user clicks on the category DVD Players, and is taken to the normal category page, with a list, and perhaps logo of all the Brands/Manufactures of DVD players that your have on your site. Clicking “Sony” would produce a list of Sony DVD Players.

Brand Stores

I would be nice if we could build pages (similar to category pages) that feature all the product of a particular manufacture.

I relies CS Cart has the ability to bring up a product list of a particular manufacture, but what I’m after is a little more similar to CS Cart Category Pages. So we could create a say Sony Store

  1. Nice Header Graphic
  2. All the categories in which Sony has products
  3. Features Products
  4. Best Sellers
  5. New Items
  6. Top Reviewed Items

Adding my reply to subscribe to the topic,

I would enjoy the benefits as suggested above,

this would greatly entice purchasee(s) into buying a specific product that I wish to push out.