Manually Upgrade CS-Cart Tutorial - No Risks

Hi everyone!

I'm still wrok with CS-Cart 2.1.2 and works fine, but I want to update the store manually for the 2.2.1, but I always don't do it affraid of lossing something during the upgrade.

Please, Anyone. Make a tutorial for guys like me, that wants to upgrade the CS-Cart manually and not loose anything (from products to design).



[font=“Verdana”]I agree.

I'm always hesitant with all my clients.

With custom files, and little or no explanation what half the addons do (e.g. My Changes!).

It's hard to track which files have changed, if theme/template/skin is compatible with new version.

Also, the export / import is missing so much information. So many fields are not included. e.g. show me how to import or export Images for Product Combinations!

I really feel the whole process needs to become more userfriendly.

I would prefer an Update wizard, just like the Install wizard. It would make me feel more comfortable doing the ugprades in a traditional manner, rather than from the Upgrade Center.

I have only just modified the EXIM files to include Product_ID AND Product_CODE in ALL exports/imports!

Can anyone else recommend or provide any tips for upgrading from 221 to 222 and 223?

With so many modified files - and with no list of modified files between versions OR an Upgrade package (instead of full install package)…

The only way to get the upgrade package I have seen is by using the Upgrade Centre, and downloading it and you find the TAR.GZ file in the VAR temporary files.

Does anyone else have any advice or input they can offer?

Thanks in advance![/font]


If you have not made any changes to cscart. You will not lose anything. But as always BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP.


I would clone you install. ungrade the clone and then see what mods need redoing.

But honestly unless you need new functionality or a bug/security fix. Why upgrade?

[font=“Tahoma”]Yeah I see your point.

However I have regular intermittent issues trying to bulk modify products (changing categories for example)…

That’s just one of them!

I figured out a “way” to downgrade - a bit of a dodgy job, but who can complain when it isn’t even supported when you buy the Pro licence after entering your data into a MV trial! :P

Having done more than 50+ projects - recommending CS-Cart and Interspire a lot of business, there remains almost zero support for developers (without a licence), and only the end client! Which means the forum is the only hope!

It still defy’s my lateral thinking, or what ever the word is I’m looking for, why no downgrade is offered, when CS-Cart offer a 60 day trial - getting customers use to their system and getting a “foot in the door” to buy one of CS’s products.

Who knows, but it’s pretty bloody depressing!

Cannot use the EXIM Export/Import module as so many fields are dropped and missing, so will have to use Database export of various tables…

Then import into new installation…[/font]